Transformational Water Workshop

Transformational Water Workshop

March 24 @ 9:00 am1:00 pm





Water is nourishing, healing and transformative.

In this workshop the qualities of water are used to access deep subconscious patterns allowing ones inner blocks to surface and be released.

1. Be in flow with life
2. Release dammed up emotions
3. Bring flexibility to your thoughts and ideas.

Helen Hansen, Energy Psychology Practitioner and Kinesiologist will be guiding the process of subconscious behavior assessment and emotional release.  Helen has extensive experience in guiding individuals and groups through transformational activities using the mind, body and heart.

Roxy Louw, Yoga Instructor and Retreat Facilitator will be using the body to access resistance points as well as flow zones.  Roxy, an international surfer will be guiding individuals to get the exact same mind, body, soul connection on the mat as one gets when in water.

The Transformational Water Workshop will take place at Roxy’s Green Leaf Vitality Studio, Soet Emporium, Oxford rd, Durbanville.


“I feel renewed after the workshop. All the activities were beneficial to me, even the ones where I felt scheptical about at the start … and then it worked for me! I am already recommending the M.E. Clearing workshop to my friends!  It was so worth it!” – Yolanda Blom, ‘M.E. Clearing workshop’, 2017

“My experience has led to a few realisations about how I live my life and where I’m stuck. The process was simple, yet powerful as it revealed my blocks clearly and yet profoundly reminded me of my connection to something greater”. – Monica Robinson, ‘Rebirthing workshop’, 2016

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