Beating the winter blues with HOT YOGA.

The benefits of heated yoga: C86D869F-6F6B-49B8-899A-93EC4AA410CF

Glowing skin, toned muscles, weight loss, detoxification, better immunity, better moods, better focus, better sleep patterns, better flexibility, less chronic pain, less stress, less depression are only some of the benefits of this practice.

No wonder Yoga has taken the world by storm with it’s “mind, body and relaxation” benefits. With the likes of celebrities like David Beckham, Jennifer Anniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron all swearing by this ancient practice and its “all round” effect. 

00B11D6F-8814-4FE4-9A31-E52754CBC86BBut what happens when the heat gets turned up?

Here are 10 benefits of heated YOGA and why to opt for a heated Studio near you this winter:

  1. Cleansing and detoxifying the body:The more you sweat, the more toxins you release. If toxins don’t get released they can be detrimental to our health by interfering with our normal physiology and bodily functions. Causing gout, allergies, headaches, low energy, depression, skin issues etc.
  1. Increasing flexibility: Warm muscle readily stretch more deeply, which aids in better flexibility.
  1. Relieving chronic pain:                                                        A combination of the heat and certain yoga postures can ease pain such as arthritis, joint aches, knee injuries and back pain.
  1. Assisting with weight loss: Hot Yoga increases heart rate, boosts the metabolism, improves digestion and stabilizes ones appetite.

Practicing yoga in a heated room increases your pulse rate and metabolism, allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible and it makes your body burn some major calories! During a heated class, one can burn as many as 2500kj in a session. 

Increasing your core body temperature through heated classes also helps you burn fat more easily. 

  1. Menteal clarity:                                                                  Hot Yoga promotes mental concentration and strength due to the intensity of the heat.

You will feel lighter, happier, sleep better and enjoy a more energetic and toned physic. 

After regular practice, you will also have overall improved mental, emotional and physical health.

  1. Internal Warmth: Not only do heated yoga classes provide the external warmth from the heaters, but it also helps create that internal heat from the Yoga poses and increased circulation that you intern carry with you throughout your day.
  1. Yoga Helps You Stay Healthy:   Studies have shown that the postures used in hot yoga, alongside the heat, assist in stimulating the thymus gland – the part of the body which improves the proper functioning of your immune system. It is also proven that exercise leads to a healthier body.

8. Connectivity:                                     Staying connected to like minded people in a healthy environment, out of the comfort of the winter hibernation have proven to have a positive effect on the mood.

9. Glowing skin: Board-certified dermatologist, Leslie Caudill, M.D., says, “With increased heat and sweating, hot yoga opens up the pores and allows impurities to be removed from the skin. The humidity adds moisture which maintains the skin’s hydration status giving it that natural glow. The exercise itself increases circulation in the body. By increasing circulation, you increase oxygen delivery which leads to better skin health and better appearance of the skin.”. Achieve a more efficient and effective workout in less time- just being in the heat is a physical benefit. It’s heating your body from the outside in. As you’re moving through the practice, you’re heating your body from the inside out. It gets your muscles ready faster to stretch and work.

10. Deepen mindfulness: Exercise helps to develop not only physical strength but also mental and emotional strength. 

Exercising in a heated room requires a deep level of concentration, one in which the world outside has to dissolve so that your undivided attention is brought to your breath and your body. In that space, the mind can begin to tune out to find the present moment. The heat also benefits the lungs with a lung expansion of 50% in a heated class , where a regular yoga class used only 35-40% of total lung capacity. 

Our tips for a healthy heated practice: 


Stay hydrated: Drink at least 3l of water when practicing heated yoga as you will sweat out toxins. 

Stay warm: Take warm clothes for after the class and during savasana. 

Go on an empty stomach: Don’t eat a big meal at least 2h before yoga. If you have low blood pressure , a fruit should do the trick. 

Don’t over stretch: The heat allows your body to push yourself more, be mindful and connected to what feels right.

Listen to your body: Back off if anything gets to much and you feel dizzy or light headed. There is no competition in Yoga. Everyone has a different body  compositions, flexibility and fitness levels. 

Breath: take deep breaths, this will calm the central nervous system, regulate your heart rate and keeps you grounded. 

Consult your doctor: If you are suffering from high blood pressure, have heart conditions or are pregnant. 

What style of Yoga to choose?

Easy vinyasa :

Roxy offers a deep, slow restorative vinyasa flow in a heated room to stretch and relax after a  day of work. All fitness levels welcome.

Energetic power flow: 

If you’re less of a yogi and more of a fitness freak, Roxy teaches a power yoga class that combines both.

It integrates yoga with strength training and cardio which forms a full body workout in a relaxed manner with restorative yoga inbetween poses. She also adds her renown core session. 

“I try to hit all of the major parts of the body in a high intensity interval style “flow” for a real cardio blast, which really gets your heart rate up.” says Roxy.

Contact greenleafvitality today for more info.

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Article written by yoga teacher and owner of greenleafvitality: Roxy Louw

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