ED3590C2-83A5-497E-A296-2871CEA51491.jpegIt’s hard to be a kid today. Children deal with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure.
Yoga is a helpful tool that can have a positive impact on children and on their development.

Since ancient times, yoga has offered techniques to support growing bodies, restless minds and stressful lives.

Yoga practice supports growing self-awareness, what you really want and love and reconnects you with an inner place of calm while building strength, flexibility and mindfulness.

Yoga for Kids is open to all kids until 12 years old. This is held every Wednesday from 4:00pm-4:45pm starting 29 August.

Those older than 12 are encouraged to join our 4 week beginner workshop, which is suited for all ages.
More info here:

The Yoga for KIDS classes will offer an exciting and enthusiastic practice that will align body and mind working together.
These classes are perfect for KIDS who are trying to balance the pressure of daily lives.
Here are some of the many benefits of yoga for kids:

~Develop body awareness and coordination.
~Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way.
~Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.
~Build concentration.
~Increase their confidence and positive self-image.
~Learn about the benefits of eating healthy in a fun manner.
~learn and understand compassion, honesty, and contentment.
~Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group.
~Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices.

Here’s what your kids can expect to learn in the yoga workshop:

1. Awareness of the breath:
Breathing exercises can energize kids or encourage relaxation and increases focus and concentration while positively impacting their lung capacity.
Stress is naturally reduced and healthy hormones are released.

2. Strengthening and energizing:
Talking about the different muscles used in poses and doing sequences will educate kids on the body, build strength as well as body awareness and coordination.
Bodies that are strong digest food better, maintain a healthy weight and can support the stress of carrying heavy loads, like school books and bags.
Bodies will also breathe better, work more efficiently and protect the more fragile joints.

3. Balancing
Balancing poses increase focus and attention naturally .
They evoke a meditative feeling, and promote stillness and quieting of the mind. This can help kids deal with the stress of living in a chaotic world where constant stimulation is a regular part of life. Also great as a natural ADD remedy.

4. Stretching and lengthening
It’s great for kids to be strong, but a body that’s only based on strength has no way to yield under pressure. Strong muscles without accompanying flexibility can’t move quickly, pulling on bones and joints.

5. Awareness and focus
Yoga gives kids a way to express themselves, build a strong connection between what they hear and what they do. Children that have healthy body awareness are more confident and strong, have better posture, breathe better and have a sense of quiet strength.

6. Flowing, connecting and integrating
When we string poses together, we give kids a taste of what it means to move with ease. It also helps them build the awareness that all our movements are a series of coordinated efforts between muscles, bones, joints and nerves.

7. Meditation and relaxation
Yoga is meditative by nature. So whether a child is holding a balancing posture, sitting in meditation or moving through a series of poses, there’s going to be a calming, soothing quality.

We will meet from 4pm-4:45pm on a Wednesday afternoon.
Cost: R380 per month for the first child, thereafter R320 extra per sibling.




Cost: R380 per month for the first child (4 X classes)
Thereafter R320 extra per sibling.

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