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Roxy Louw


Owner of greenleafvitality and Founder of CannaYOGA South Africa</p> <p>Roxy found herself doing yoga in costa Rico back in 2007 with the Oakley international surf team as a surfer but it wasn’t until 2014 that the spirit of yoga really grabbed her.<br /> “I don’t know why I didn’t take to teaching earlier as there is nothing more rewarding than leading a yoga class and watching the transformation happen.</p> <p>I get the exact same mind, body, soul connection on my mat that I get when I’m in the water.”<br /> She now surfs her breath and energy in the natural ease that she rides the waves.”</p> <p>After deciding to take it a step further in Thailand where she qualify for her YTCC 200 hours in in all styles of yoga. She transitioned into the Yoga world.</p> <p>Coming from the health background alongside Kauai health food as an Ambassador and the original face, Roxy has now started her own company embracing this lifestyle “Greenleaf Vitality” where she host retreats, corporate yoga events, workshops, surf & yoga retreats and plant medicine ceremonies (CannaYOGA).</p> <p>She has come to bring all her passions under one roof and has recently opened a leg of her business in the Cape wine lands.</p> <p>Here you can find customized diet plans, life coaching, a tranquil Yoga Studio and a beautiful community.</p> <p>If you catch one of her classes, she teaches an energetic Power flow in the mornings along with a gentle restorative vinyasa and Canna infused classes.</p> <p>She integrated her reiki knowledge into her flow for a deeper understanding of the self for maximum transformation.<br /> Her retreats are not to be missed!

Sam Barton

Starting his career as a provincial rugby player in NZ, Sam decided to swap his rugby boots for a yoga mat in his pursuit of self awareness. After years of experience as an elite athlete and rugby coach, along with his background in the fitness industry running fitness bootcamps in Hong Kong, Sam decided to move to South Africa and open Greenleafvitality with his partner, Roxy Louw. His leadership skills along with his spiritual approach to life offer the perfect combination to our retreats.

Michelle Banwell

After practicing yoga for a number of years, Michelle took the opportunity of free time upon completion of her Honours in Psychology to pursue a yoga teacher training qualification in 2016. She completed a 300-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Jim Harrington Yoga Union, equipping her with a teaching approach saturated with the anatomical and physiological processes involved in asana practice. Michelle’s aim is for students to be given the space to playfully connect with their bodies and minds in a physically safe way, while moving through creative sequences. Although Vinyasa is her first love, Michelle is also trained in Bikram, and ramps up the intensity of her Vinyasa classes to leave you sweating after a Power class. When not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find Michelle working on her Master’s in Neuroscience through the University of Cape Town, spending time with the animals of her own or helping out at animal shelters, or with her nose in a book. An important fact about her is that she requires chocolate milk to function!

Sharon Kriel

Sharon’s roots started in Hatha yoga in 2012, soon she developed a deep love for her practice. In 2015 she submerged herself in an Integral Yoga Course at the Ananda Kutir Ashram with Swami Vidyananda. In 2016 she completed a 200hour Vinyasa teacher training at The Shala in Cape Town. She is enthusiastic in her sharing of breath work and flow to all levels of yoga. You will find her friendly and bubbly personality shine through in her teaching, a class not to missed.